Most small business owners are far too busy to worry about things like cloud accounting but given the importance in business of being organised and getting the back-office right it is something they cannot ignore.

One Data File

There is only ever one data file with cloud accounting. Now you might think so what? But for those of us with more experience, we know just easy it is for busy business owners or their long-suffering spouses to get confused as to which data file is the live one. Many clients have more than one data file and end up entering data on the wrong file.

Easy Access

With cloud accounting, you are not tied to your desktop which is sitting in your office or home and you can access your data anywhere, whether on-site at a customer, with your bank manager or using your phone on the move.


You can share your data as many others as you like, whether it’s your accountant, your bookkeeper or your business coach. Out goes your USB stick with the hassle of delivering or sending this in the post and out goes printing and sending reports to interested parties as they can now access data and analyse whatever they need.

No Hands Backups

It’s always surprising how many people don’t do backups or think they are backing up but aren’t. Not only can this result is business meltdown but just think of the time saved backing up.

Bank Feeds

Yes, bank feeds are sometimes available on non-cloud accounting software but using the cloud has made getting bank feeds available to all. Bank feeds are the biggest advance in accounting since the invention of double-entry bookkeeping and no longer do we have to struggle with bank reconciliations.

The Next Steps

If you’re all at sea with your bookkeeping get in touch, we’ll give you a free demonstration of cloud accounting software and how it works.