At 1to1 we can explain all that you need to know about the CIS Scheme. Also we will help with everything you need to set up the scheme. Making sure you work in the most tax-efficient way possible. Staff at 1 to 1 will monitor your account to make sure it stays that way. We’re qualified, experienced and we’re specialists. Relax and trust knowing that everything is being taken care of and that your earnings are being maximised.

It is becoming common for the HMRC to carry out Employer Compliance Reviews. The HMRC uses these to ensure that all businesses are correctly dealing with Employment Taxes when using sub-contractors. This includes a full review of the status of any subcontracted labour. At 1 to 1 we give you the advice to pass such an inspection by making sure that all subcontractors have their status identified. In addtion we can suggest ways to more effectively work in a scheme compliant way.

Why are the HMRC Carrying out CIS Inspections?

Employers are not responsible for the National Insurance Contributions of sub-contract labour. Unlike employees who have their contributions deducted at source. The Inland Revenue feel that they are ‘out of pocket’, and are tightening up on sub-contractors who could be employees.

We watch and help you prepare for these. Making sure that no penalities are applicable to your company or any subcontractors that you use

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on all aspects of the CIS Scheme

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